StoryLab is an interdisciplinary research institute that seeks to generate and interrogate innovative combinations of narrative.

The Institute evolved in response to the rapid development of immersive and audio-visual technological innovation and their increasing diversity of applications across business and society, growth in data, communication and misinformation. StoryLab uses narrative as a tool for interpretation and investigation, interdisciplinary research and utilises cultural and technological convergence to unlock multimodal storytelling and multiple ways of seeing the world to produce engaging, impactful and innovative research. The following themes guide its activity:

Immersive Perspectives
Using immersive techniques to explore creative storytelling, human questions and global events. Read more here.

Multimodal Narrative
Using the power of multimodal storytelling to allow broader and more diverse audiences to engage with complicated concepts. Read more here.

Creative Practice
Using creative practice to drive engagement with immersive experiences and multimodal media technologies. Read more here.