Creative Practice

Using creative practice to drive engagement with immersive experiences and multimodal media technologies.

StoryLab focuses on the connective importance of practice-led research by combining narrative inquiry with the creative perspective of digital and non-digital audio-visual practices such as film, sound, data visualization, illustration, photography and design. These creative media practices have an ability to capture an emotional range, experience and intensity that cannot be captured in other ways.

StoryLab provides a polyvocal framework for researchers and research clusters to operate producing a valuable and powerful agent for developing innovative forms of inquiry, communication of knowledge and understanding. This encourages a new and creative reflection within science, technology and the humanities, as well as generating new data and creative artefacts across the creative and non-creative sectors. On a methodological level, our approach to creative practice is intimately connected to our other key research themes, multimodal narrative and immersive media.