Immersive Perspectives

Using immersive techniques to explore creative storytelling, human questions and global events.

StoryLab employs immersive media techniques to develop new perspectives on key societal issues. Our approach to immersive media capitalizes on technological convergences and audio-visual practices that enable a whole series of narrative experimental possibilities, such as code driven models of storytelling (data visualization), narrative pluralism (interactive platforms, multi-screen exhibitions), perspective relative narrative (VR, drones, body mounted cameras), multi-narrative dimensions (applied gaming), algorithmically driven narrative (generative art constructed by autonomous systems, AI) as well as more traditional linear forms of storytelling.

In order to develop innovative approaches to audience and user engagement, StoryLab adopts an immersive approach to storytelling. We link research on the experiential nature of subjective reality, emerging and converging technologies and the translation of the narrative to audience. How the audience reads and experiences immersive media provides vital insight into the semiotics of multimodality, which, in turn, enables the institute to investigate and develop the most effective methods of communication. The creative working process of developing immersive narratives informs innovative perspectives. Combining practice-led research with critical conceptual engagements, StoryLab engages in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that provides a valuable insight into both the development of new media forms as well as the conditions of life in contemporary society.