Multimodal Narrative

Using the power of multimodal storytelling to allow broader and more diverse audiences to engage with complicated concepts.

The narrative form provides an invaluable tool for exploring the way people interpret the world and their place within it. Such engagements take place in various forms and modalities, and it is this multimodality that makes narrative pivotal not just to literature and drama, but to the generation of cognition and emotion, meaning and memory, influencing community and politics, religion, culture and ultimately identity, counselling and learning.

Creative practice-driven research on multimodal narratives enables StoryLab to operate as a mechanism to generate a set of practice-led processes and methodologies across a range of disciplines from psychology to sociology, healthcare, ethics and education, addressing current and overarching interdisciplinary themes such as truth, migration, well-being and identity, bringing together researchers and stakeholders from divergent disciplines.