Dr Shreepali Patel   (Director)

Mark Pickering (Research Assistant)

Kelcy Davenport (Research Assistant)

Krisztian Hofstadter (Research Assistant)

Jason Slater (Research Institutes and Grant Officer)

Andrea Bortolaso (Technician)

Undergraduate Researchers

Jamie Comer (Film and Television)

Thomas Prentice (Computer Game Technology)

George Turner (Film & Television)

PhD Candidates 

Marques J Hardin
Novel IoT-based Approaches for Audio and Music Composition (practice-led)

Chris Cox
Representations of Slavery, Family History and Intergenerational Accountability (practice-led)

Hind Al Ghalyini
Let’s Talk About Death: A Practice-led Examination of Picture Books for Muslim Children in Addressing Bereavement and Loss in Saudi Arabia

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Anti-Slavery, Usable Past: Contemporary Narratives, Nottingham University

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Special Treats

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