As the Fourth Industrial Revolution rapidly changes how people live, work, and communicate, the human currency of storytelling has never been more important, nor the tools more varied. Our award-winning creative and technical team works with communicators from across the public, private and third sector to apply story-led thinking to help shape purpose-driven narratives that connect with and activate diverse audiences to deliver measurable outcomes.

Our services include narrative design, content development and training and workshops.

In our LABORATORY sessions the StoryLab team collaborates with an individual organisation or company on innovative, impactful story discovery and development around a key issue, challenge, product or service.

Together we explore different narrative forms and combinations and experiment with emerging technologies to create exciting, interactive story pathways and immersive experiences. When appropriate we invite members of our Gen Z ‘audience of the future’ student panel to join us to workshop story ideas and engagement mechanisms.

Each LABORATORY is different, designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation – a typical session lasts a full day and includes up to 12 participants.

To find out more about our consultancy services or ask for a quote, contact us at