Consultant Psychiatrist

Consultant Psychiatrist

from The Frontline

Teddington, UK

My daughter and I were advised to shield due to our rare autoimmune disease so I have a different view on Lockdown to some. I had to stop my usual face-to-face work in Child Psychiatry but suddenly had two primary aged children at home to entertain and keep safe and “school”. So life has been interesting! I have so many videos and photos as I decided I would go for early morning bike rides (in face mask and gloves when nobody about) and they became a photo journal of nature and the seasons changing etc.  

My son had been writing a newspaper with classmates and with the time at home this blossomed in to a full online newspaper and podcasts which also reflect his view of Lockdown as an 11 year old. And my daughter helped me make a video for our Immunology professor about proper handwashing to reduce risk. We put some videos on YouTube and his newspaper anyone can see here:

Our first homeschool project was making this video on “proper handwashing” for children as requested by the immunology professor who cares for my daughter and I with our rare vasculitis. We also made a 2nd one using sanitiser to help children in Africa where access to water is more of a challenge. They posted our children’s video on the hospital website for Barts and the London NHS Trust.

Son made a Lego movie about the loo roll shortage at start of lockdown: