Heritage-led resilience
to conflict, scarcity
and climate change
with Syrian refugees
in Jordan

The Project

Cultural heritage can enhance resilience and integration amongst displaced communities forced to flee from their own countries due to climate change, scarcity and conflict. These factors can, in combination, result in devastating consequences for communities and populations, including displacement, death and loss of cultural connection and identity, as well as cause tensions between hosted and hosting communities.

This project investigates how Syrian refugees' heritage was impacted by climate change, conflict and lack of resources, as well as how their heritage has helped them to become more resilient and re-settle in the new cultural and social context. The heritage-led practices as performed by refugees in response to climate/environmental change, conflict and forced migration are explored and documented.

By investigating the connections between climate change, conflict, heritage and forced migration, this project aims to provide actionable knowledge that will promote the design of successful interventions to support the lives of Syrian refugees.

On this website, through a series of interactive diagrams, you can find out more about the project.