Storytelling is a powerful tool for interpretation, understanding and change. StoryLab’s interdisciplinary research is concerned with the WHAT, HOW, WHO and WHY of storytelling operating at the intersection of narrative, form and function. Our core research question is: how can purposeful storytelling affect meaningful social and cultural change? As such we explore how the development and democratisation of existing and emerging creative technologies can enable stories to be told in innovative and immersive ways, and impact positively on society.

We adopt an experiential and interactive approach to storytelling that includes 360 film, 3D data visualisation, soundscapes, extended realities (XR) as well as traditional filmmaking. Multimodal narratives are a common theme, with novel combinations of art & design, audio, digital media and film, to support investigation, intervention, and knowledge exchange

We work with a variety of researchers and organisations to develop creative artefacts, new data, innovative and poly-vocal forms of inquiry and communication of knowledge particularly around complex and challenging issues. Our creative practice research focusses on key areas of interest that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals: Human Creativity, Design and Technology, Identity, Culture & Heritage, Health & Wellbeing, and Sustainable & Resilient Communities. For details please visit our themes page.

Bringing together academics and creative practitioners with wider industry and the charity and social action sectors is central to our work at StoryLab. Please get in touch with us to start a conversation about research collaboration, consultancy or to discuss PhD project opportunities.