• Human Creativity, Design and Technology
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Identity, Culture & Heritage
  • Sustainable & Resilient Communities


Human Creativity, Design and Technology (HC)
StoryLab’s interrogation of multimodal storytelling, speculative design and creative technologies enables our researchers to create new, engaging and impactful narrative experiences. We use creative design and participatory processes between teams of experts and communities to investigate the impact of human creativity and technologies on social change.

Identity, Culture & Heritage (ICH)
StoryLab employs innovative narrative practices to surface new voices and perspectives around questions of identity, culture and heritage. Our interdisciplinary research investigates how storytelling can deepen empathy, encourage participation, and generate positive action regarding complex issues such as equality, migration, human trafficking and social justice.

Health & Wellbeing (HW)
StoryLab researches the benefits of innovative narrative practices for health and wellbeing. We are interested in the power of storytelling and immersive technologies to positively impact patients, practitioners and carers and promote meaningful attitudinal and behaviour change.

Sustainable & Resilient Communities (SRC)
At StoryLab we use the power of multimodal storytelling to enable broader and more diverse audiences to understand and engage with complex concepts related to the environment, climate change, and sustainable and resilient communities.