Radiation Therapist

Harrisburg, PA, US


Throughout this whole experience, I have learned that there are some really amazing people working in the healthcare field. These are the people that treat their patient’s like family through this crisis. We haven’t been hit as hard as other places but we still feel the restrictions and effects of this pandemic. Patients are terrified they are going to get even sicker than they already are and people cannot be with their family when they are not doing well.

As a healthcare worker who takes care of really sick people, you just hope for the best and practice masks/good handwashing. Rules are changing on a daily basis…..sometimes hourly. I was scared I would bring this home to my family—my kids. I lost my father through this whole thing (not from covid) and we still haven’t been able to have his celebration of life which is what so MANY people are dealing with now. It has made many in the medical community work closer together.