Senior Sister Critical Care

Birmingham, UK


There was so many of them they became just bodies, not people, not someone’s loved one, just bodies in beds.

2 beds where there was usually 1, borrowed equipment from theatres and old equipment we hadn’t seen for a while.

We had to change our mindset, quality care out the window, keep them alive, give them a chance.

Staff from everywhere redeployed to help out, terrified but there. Not the same as a skilled ITU nurse but better than nothing was the take on it.

We lost a few, difficult conversations on the phone as no visiting allowed, but we allow 1 visitor in for end of life. We explain the risks but of course they come in. Property is wrapped up and they’re told not to open it for 72 hours.

But now some are getting better, and they’re needs change and we’ve had to change. We need to rehab them so now need more space and communication is difficult and it must be so frightening for them.

I have boxes in my head where I put stuff, I worry for younger staff and staff who don’t have good support at home, that’s what keeps me going.

The team work is phenomenal and that makes me so proud that I’m part of this.