Consultant Anaesthetist

London, UK

Contribution provided on behalf of Pamper Our Heroes


Covid Through my eyes 

To volunteer was no big deal 

It’s part of what I do, 

I intubate the trachea, and look for CO2, 


It came as no surprise therefore as we began this 


That as intubation teams were formed 

I was in team-MERIT 


The anxiety around PPE 

Was evident in all around, 

But due to the high risk our job 

Masks and visors were thankfully found 


The people being intubated, 

Were scared and often alone, 

When we came to intubate them, 

They were having conversations on the phone 


We tried to be reassuring, 

To tell them we’ll take care, 

We insist that we’ll look after them, 

That someone will always be there 

The fear was evident inside their eyes, 

The windows to their soul, 

The emotional impact of this job 

Was not evident when I took on this role 


The sacred moments before they sleep, 

The Silence of Preoxygenaton, 

An audible Pulse oximeter beep, 

The soundtrack to their hibernation 


Each statistic that you read about, 

Is a person, it’s a life 

The lines upon the graphs you view 

Could be someone’s husband, someone’s wife 


There will be lessons learned from this, 

New science and new publications, 

This tragedy has brought us together I hope, 

From all affected nation 


We will get through this somehow,  

Life will find a way, 

But when we are sagely on the other side, 

Many goodbyes we’ll have had to say. 


So hug your loved ones, keep your spirits up, 

Wash your hands and stay at home, 

The light is visible at the end of the tunnel, 

Remember- you are not alone.