Rehab Assistant

Ipswich Suffolk, UK


When the pandemic first started life was a huge struggle. I’m an Army Widow having lost my husband to suicide when our son was just 8. He is now 12 and I rely heavily on my parents to help with child care. Both my parents are in their 70’s so unfortunately it meant they can’t help during this period. My son was really struggling with the thought of me going to work and was beyond terrified I was going to die. He wasn’t sleeping and when he did he was having nightmares. This of course meant I was functioning on no sleep as even when he did drop off I was battling with the thoughts controlling my mind. I battled on for a couple of weeks and finally admitted I needed help. 

I was signed off work for 3 weeks with depression and it seemed this was the medicine that we both needed. As we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything my son and I spent quality time together for 3 whole weeks. That’s the longest amount of time we’ve spent together in years. During that time I helped him with school work, I taught him to bake, we watched movies and played board games with my parents over facetime.

When I went back to work we both accepted that although there are risks I would do all I can to protect myself. I have done just that, I’ve had my blood test that shows I haven’t had the virus so something is working.

Life is so far from normal, I’m coming home from work exhausted and he is having to go to school, even during half term. Although life is not the same this pandemic has cemented an already amazing bond.  I have rethought my priorities and things that seemed so important once are now at the bottom of that list.
I know he is so proud of me for working during this but I am so proud of the way he has coped with his fear as well as other feelings.

This pandemic will end and I hope that people remember how they felt at the start when they appreciated the little things in life. Also that they showed their appreciation for those that have kept the country functioning.