Immersive Antarctica

Immersive Antarctica is an InnovateUK funded project, enabling the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) to make its unique Antarctic bases, heritage, climate, and archival stories available to a global audience through the use of immersive technologies and the integration of 3D visualisation, gaming, film and audio-visual archive.

This collaboration between UKAHT and StoryLab aims to demonstrate how convergent creative modes of storytelling enable a more diverse and immersive experience for audiences to connect and engage with the heritage of remote and inaccessible areas of the world. This reflects on the intersection between identity, culture, heritage and the environment.

Through the Immersive Antarctica project, we are researching new ways of using storytelling to bring to life moments from the Antarctic past for those who cannot make, or remake, the journey south themselves. UKAHT believes that Antarctica and its complex past and future belong to everyone, and the creation of a virtual experience of Historical Site or Monument 64 (HSM-64): Base E Stonington, is the first step towards enabling anyone to explore Antarctica through UKAHT’s six unique sites.

ArcheoVirtual23 Exhibition 2

Pictured: Students and young children engage with Immersive Antarctica at ArcheoVirtual 2023