Immersive Antarctica

Immersive Antarctica is an InnovateUK funded project, enabling the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) to make its unique Antarctic bases, heritage, climate, and archival stories available to a global audience through the use of immersive technologies and the integration of 3D visualisation, gaming, film and audio-visual archive. This collaboration between UKAHT and StoryLab aims to demonstrate ... Read more

Reviving Kusunda

The Kusunda Project is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary collaboration between academic researchers and artistic expression, aimed at exploring the integrated use of multimodal storytelling and immersive visualisation for the revitalisation of the endangered heritage and language of the Kusunda Indigenous community in Nepal. By evaluating two works – an interactive virtual reality experience and a short ... Read more

From The Frontline Film

'How much do we value life?' From The Frontline is the story of healthcare workers on both sides of the Atlantic who harnessed the power of their creative voices to make sense of their world during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. 'Raw, powerful & magnificent’ In March 2020 healthcare workers saw their lives ... Read more

Base E

Base E
Collaboration between UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, British Antarctic Survey and StoryLab Base E is a proof of principle interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experience that combines 3D visualisation, gaming and film archive that enables users to explore and engage with the story of Base E, a British research station based on Stonington Island, in the south ... Read more


Food is more than itself…it is identity, and culture, and history. It is the most important matter in our lives… it is transcendent. ~ Bill Buford FOOD, CULTURE AND IDENTITY IN IRELAND CIRCA 1550-1650 Exploring the period c.1550-1650, one of major economic development, unprecedented intercultural contact, but also of conquest, colonisation and war, it focuses ... Read more

The David Parr House Film Project

david parr house
by Cathy Elliott and Norma Silva In 1886 a small house in Gwydir Street, Cambridge was bought by David Parr, a working-class decorative artist. So began his forty-year project to decorate his modest home in the style of the grand interiors he worked on every day. After Parr’s death in 1927, his granddaughter Elsie Palmer ... Read more

Havens East Online Exhibition

Havens East
Telling the stories of the child refugees and those who helped them escape the Spanish Civil War Access the Online Storybook here. New Routes, Old Roots at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is an arts-based research network focusing on contemporary and historical experiences of exile and migration. In 2020, they received a National Lottery Heritage Fund ... Read more