CPM5 | Making Creativity Pay

money from the ceiling
Discussion with Professionals on Making a Living Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Lord Ashcroft Building 109 Wed 19th June 2019 2-4pm Speakers Pauline Burt (Ffilm Cymru Wales) Dr Nanette Hoogslag (Anglia Ruskin University) Mark Segal (The Artists Agency) Chair: Hans Petch (Anglia Ruskin University) Supported by University Arts Council. This workshop was designed to invite an ... Read more

CPM4 | Communicating Research

Panel Discussion on Tools to Demonstrate Impact Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Lord Ashcroft Building 109 Mon 10th June 2019 2-4pm What kind of approaches, practical tools and creative strategies best facilitate demonstrating the impact of practice research? This workshop addressed the finer points of clearly communicating creative practice research, by discussing the key challenges of ... Read more

Respite From Reality

360° Film Experience Jo has been rowing on The Cam since 1983. Winner of two rowing ‘Blues’ for Cambridge and a gold medal the first Women’s Henley Regatta she shared her passion of rowing and the river with her son Alex who started rowing at the age of 10. Now, they both prepare young rowers for competing on ... Read more

Collusion Making Things in VR

Presentation with Shreepali Patel and Mark Pickering LAB006, ARU, Cambridge 18 September 2018, 6-8pm ”This seminar was a great opportunity for artists, arts organisations, and anyone working in a creative industry that's interested in virtual reality to meet and connect. Speakers will show new work and explain their production methods, giving insights into new practice ... Read more

Creative Practice Methods (CPM)

Creative Practice Methodology Workshops
StoryLab Engages in a Continuous Exploration of Creative Practice Methods As part of this project, StoryLab runs a series of workshops addressing creative practice methods. These events produce cross-disciplinary conversations through roundtable discussions, presentations, and technical demonstrations in the field of creative practice research that attracts researchers as well as graduate students. Events   CPM6 ... Read more

Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis
Challenges and Opportunities in Creative Practice Research Symposium, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 20 June 2018 This event was hosted by StoryLab, Anglia Ruskin University’s Migrant Studies Network in collaboration with the City of Sanctuary Cambridge, and as part of the Refugee Week events. The symposium aimed to open up a dialogue between artists and researchers involved ... Read more

Machine Seeing

StoryLab are exploring and addressing a series of questions and challenges on existing and emerging creative technologies. Innovations in media technologies have opened up new ways of witnessing the world. These emerging modes of “machine seeing” raise novel questions about user experience, renaissance and role of synergistic creative tools such as sound, changing workflows and ... Read more

Freedom to Play

Freedom to Play at Sheffield Doc Fest
The Pros and Cons of Filmmaking as Research StoryLab / Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, 9-12th June 2018 Supported by StoryLab and Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, a panel of filmmakers and academics explored the growing trend of straddling filmmaking and academic lives and discuss the pros and cons of making films as research. Academia can free ... Read more

Vulnerable Selves

Dual Perspectives, Immersive Media and the Narrative of Vulnerability In this project, StoryLab critically explore the lived experience and interpretation of vulnerability and investigate the possibilities and limitations of using immersive media through an observational case study of emerging filmmakers. Situated within ‘me too’ and representation in the media, the project explores how gender inequalities ... Read more

Could Try Harder

Could Try Harder
An Audiovisual Investigation into Capturing and Creating a Shared Memory Experience   Sophie Jackson’s research investigates ‘memory moments’ through the capture and creation of shared memory experience. It utilizes school reports as artefacts to trigger central memory, documented through a process of participant interviews forming the basis of a series of individual films. In doing ... Read more