Registered Nurse

Flint, MI, US


Photo credit – Instagram: @jenzafrenza

Fear. I feel it falling asleep. I see it on TV getting ready. I hear it on the radio driving in. I see it in my co-workers eyes and I feel it radiating off my patients. Fear surrounds us all and rightfully so. We’re all in unfamiliar territory. Where I don’t see it is in the smile of my 6 month old baby girl, Kinley. Being a new mom is terrifying and was unexpected. However, I have a job to do and  the overwhelming love for my baby girl pushes me. This pandemic wasn’t planned. We’re not prepared and I’m fearful, but I have a job to do and a passion for nursing. I want my daughter to look back and see how I faced my fears head on for her and our family. I want my patients and co-workers to see that I faced it for them. I want to look in the mirror while getting ready for another shift and know that I faced it for me.