From TV to Virtual Reality

Alex Rühl
From TV to Virtual Reality: Immersive Storytelling with Alex Rühl Alex Rühl talks about the challenges and opportunities of Virtual Reality film making. COS 117, Cambridge School of Art and Creative Industries, Anglia Ruskin University, CB1 1PT, Friday 7th December 5.30pm Alex Rühl is an award-winning virtual reality filmmaker and founder of VR production studio CATS are not PEAS. In this session, Rühl will outline her journey from traditional 2D film-maker to become one of the world’s leading VR & 360 film innovators, an event supported by the Royal Television Society and StoryLab Cambridge. In this presentation Alex Rühl will explore: - How new technologies are facilitating this new way of storytelling and their inherent opportunities and limitations for the storyteller. - The future of...

Can Films Make a Difference?

Behind Closed Eyes Image
Can Films Make a Difference? Brian Woods Talks Documentary COS 117, Cambridge School of Art and Creative Industries, Anglia Ruskin University, CB1 1PT, Wednesday 28 November, 6.30pm With extraordinary television films such as BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, about domestic violence, leading documentary producer Brian Woods has challenged audiences to confront issues of human rights from around the world for twenty-five years. In this session, Woods discussed the opportunities and challenges of making these documentaries. This was the second in a series of events supported by the Royal Television Society East and StoryLab Cambridge. Brian Woods has been a committed human rights documentary maker and producer for a quarter of a century. He founded his company True Vision in 1995; its mission to make films on social...

Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson The youngest author to make the Man Booker Prize short list discusses her critically acclaimed debut novel centred on the awful, wonderful, terrifying mother-daughter relationship Everything Under. SCI 105, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Tuesday 13 November 2018, 6:00-7:00pm At 28 years old Daisy is the youngest novelist to be short listed for the Booker Prize. Everything Under turns the classical myth, Oedipus Rex, on its head and takes readers to a modern-day England unfamiliar to most. It is a story of family and identity, of fate, language, love and belonging that leaves you unsettled and unstrung. Critically acclaimed ‘A deeply involving, unsettling novel that pulls the reader into a eerie yet recognisable world.” (Sunday Times), "Infused with dark fairy tale, Oedipal tragedy and Freudian desire, this is...

Decriminalising Ornament

Decrimalising Image
Decriminalising Ornament: The Pleasures of Pattern Illustration Research Symposium and Exhibition Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT Exhibition: 1 November to 26 November 2018 Symposium: 17 and 18 November 2018 This year's Illustration Research Symposium seeks to draw together a range of perspectives on ornament and ornamentation, and its close relatives pattern and the decorative, to explore the resilience, continued value, significance, application, and creation of these cultural forms; celebrating their centrality within human life and cultural production, both past and present, and (speculatively), the future. Speakers explore the cultural importance of pattern, ornament and decoration. We begin from the observation that what is so often missing is the significance  – the meaning – of ornament, which has become lost or eroded, but was once all-pervasive. The multiple practice-based and theoretical lenses...

The Archive and the Contested Landscape

The Archive and the Contested Landscape Exhibition and Events Programme as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas Anglia Ruskin University, Zion Baptist Church Crypt, and Gallery 9 (Cambridge), 22nd - 28th October 2018 The Archive and the Contested Landscape is a unique cross-disciplinary exhibition, as part of the 11th Cambridge Festival of Ideas: ‘Extremes’, and in-tandem with an exhibition of the same name in Basra, Iraq. The work of fifty practitioners, across: archaeology, architecture, documentary and experimental film, fine art, geology, illustration, literature, music, performance, philosophy, and photography, has been brought together to explore (individually and collectively) the dynamic material interplay between archives and contested landscapes. This project aims to: • generate new work, thoughts and critical debate about the interplay between archives and...

Collusion Making Things in VR

Collusion Making Things in VR Presentation with Shreepali Patel and Mark Pickering LAB006, ARU, Cambridge, 18 September 2018, 6-8pm ”This seminar was a great opportunity for artists, arts organisations, and anyone working in a creative industry that's interested in virtual reality to meet and connect. Speakers will show new work and explain their production methods, giving insights into new practice and techniques." Alex Byford StoryLab discussed and demonstrated the two prototypes they’ve been working on around VR (360 and Unity) Shreepali Patel, Mark Pickering, Senir Dinar, Rob Toulson and undergraduate researchers. Links Collusion Alex Ruhl (Catsarenotpeas) OnetoOne Development

Media Manipulation

Media Manipulation
Media Manipulation Media Manipulation: Ideologies and Political Economies of Intervention in a Digital World Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 29th June 2018 The StoryLab Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University and the ERC-funded “Risking Speech” project at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge hosted a workshop on the topic of “media manipulation”. Manipulation—of attention, opinion, action—has been a salient concern in the recent Euro-American takes on digital media and their role in politics. While the question of media and power is by no means new, attending to how manipulation is imagined and organised at various scales in diverse historical and geographical contexts promises a fresh perspective. The workshop, therefore, explored the relationship between vernacular ideologies of mediated influence and political economies of manipulative interventions both in and beyond Western democracies....

Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis
Refugee Crisis Challenges and Opportunities in Creative Practice Research Symposium, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 20 June 2018 This event was hosted by StoryLab, Anglia Ruskin University’s Migrant Studies Network in collaboration with the City of Sanctuary Cambridge, and as part of the Refugee Week events. The symposium aimed to open up a dialogue between artists and researchers involved with the current European refugee crisis. Invited speakers included practitioners and researchers working with theatre, film, multimedia, art and photography. Throughout the day, participants discussed challenges and opportunities encountered when exploring meanings and experiences of groups engaged in forced migration. Organising Committee: Dr Samuel Lengen (StoryLab), Dr Adriana Sandu (Social Work and Social Policy),  Dr Roxana Anghel (Education and Social Care), Kelcy Davenport (StoryLab) Mike Levy (Keystage Arts...

Freedom to Play

Freedom to Play at Sheffield Doc Fest
Freedom to Play The Pros and Cons of Filmmaking as Research StoryLab / Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, 9-12th June 2018 Supported by StoryLab and Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, a panel of filmmakers and academics explored the growing trend of straddling filmmaking and academic lives and discuss the pros and cons of making films as research. Academia can free film-makers from conventional narratives and forms, allowing for experiments in creative storytelling. But does their work impact in academia as traditional 'research' and what influence have their films in the broadcast industry? Moderated by Hans Petch (Academic and Producer) Participants: Nicola Daley ACS , Shreepali Patel , Joanna Callaghan (University of Sussex)  and Susan Kemp (University of Edinburgh and producer) Links Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival Filmmaking Research Network Media, Communication and...

Forensic Architecture

Foresnsic Architecture
Forensic Architecture Screening and Presentation Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 30th April 2018 Christina Varvia presented the work of Forensic Architecture, a research agency based at Goldsmiths University of London undertaking advanced architectural and media research. She provided insight into the work they do on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights organisations and political and environmental justice groups. Their pioneering use of forensic aesthetics and the art exhibition as public forum to disseminate evidence beyond words made this event a fascinating display of cutting-edge research blurring the boundaries between art and forensic science. Hosted by LENS and StoryLab.
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