From The Frontline Film

‘How much do we value life?’

From The Frontline is the story of healthcare workers on both sides of the Atlantic who harnessed the power of their creative voices to make sense of their world during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Raw, powerful & magnificent’

In March 2020 healthcare workers saw their lives change dramatically as hospitals were transformed overnight. Facing a still unfolding crisis and concerned that in the relentless 24-hour news cycle their stories would soon be forgotten, their emotive testimonies are captured here, in their voices, told through photography, music, art, writings and social media.
They reveal a remarkable determination, understanding and hope despite their world based on science and humanity being thrown into complete turmoil.
This film is dedicated to everyone working on the frontline.

From the Frontline (2021) 48 min.

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Made with Neonatal Doctor Topun Austin & the multi-award winning film research team at StoryLab (Shreepali Patel, Marques Hardin & Meghan Horvath)

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