Health & Wellbeing

Respite From Reality

Respite From Reality StoryLab responded to a call to create immersive experiences for patients with limited mobility and/or suffering from terminal illnesses. The aim was to provide LOROS Hospice patients with a short therapeutic respite from their current reality. StoryLab adopted a narrative approach to this call, creating two 360 virtual reality films, The River and Waltzing on the River. The river location was chosen because of its association with therapy, peace and freedom. The 360 frame provides a scenic journey for the user in which they can decide where they wanted to look; viewers can choose to engage with the rowers, or immerse themselves in other parts of the river, or the soundscape supporting the journey and flow. There is a window of opportunity to...

The Golden Window

baby with tune
The Golden Window There is a window in which you can change the death signals to the brain cells, cooling stops that signalling process.  When you re-warm the baby, the brain cells no longer receive that signal to go down the death pathway. Shot entirely during 72 hours of opportunity, The Golden Window tells the story of medically induced cooling of baby J after a traumatic birth. The film explores the state of suspended animation and the unconscious and conscious journey experienced by newborn babies undergoing therapeutic cooling following traumatic asphyxia during birthing. The cooling delays the death of the brain cells, providing a 72-hour window to reduce the neurological damage of infants suffering from this perinatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). As such the film considers the...

Urban Nature

Urban Nature The narrative of Landscapes Immersive Media and the Body In Urban Nature, StoryLab and Professor Viren Swami draw on Swami’s previous work, which has shown that exposure to images of nature results in elevated state body appreciation, but static images may lack ecological validity. This project examined the exposure to short films of simulated first-person walks in natural or built environments, utilising immersive visual and sonic narrative techniques to explore psychological wellbeing. Links to Publication: The Impact of Exposure to Films of Natural and Built Environments on State Body Appreciation in Body Image Swami, V; Pickering, M; Barron, D and Patel, S (2018) Media coverage: Medicalxpress, Guy Counseling, Metro News, Women’s Health, Cambridge Network, Daily Mail, Top Santé