Mandy Chang, BBC Storyville

Mandy Chang BBC Storyville
Mandy Chang, BBC Storyville Screening and Presentation Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 12th Nov 2017 StoryLab in association with the Royal Television Society and LENS organised a lecture by BBC Storyville’s Mandy Chang. Chaired by Dr Cathy Elliott (LENS),  the new commissioning editor for premier BBC strand STORYVILLE talked about her passion for documentary and showed examples of film storytelling that have worked for global and diverse audiences. Mandy Chang is an Emmy Award-winning Director for her film ‘The Mona Lisa Curse’ for Channel 4. Prior to arriving at the BBC, she was head of Arts at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and has previously worked as a documentary filmmaker, writer, series producer and executive producer at British indies and UK broadcasters. STORYVILLE has for the...

EAD | The Screening

EAD | The Screening
EAD | The Screening Screening and Presentation TATE Britain, London, 23 September 2017 The AHRC funded Enhancing Audio Description (EAD) project led by Dr Mariana Lopez focuses on how sound design techniques can be used to rethink accessibility to film and television for visually impaired audiences. The event included screenings of a film with an accessible soundtrack as well as presentations on the project and Q/A sessions. The key investigators, Dr Mariana Lopez (University of York) and Dr Gavin Kearney (University of York) have been assisted by Krisztián Hofstädter (StoryLab, Anglia Ruskin University). EAD Podcasts

Ways of Machine Seeing

Ways of Machine Seeing New Ways of Witnessing the World Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Monday 26 June – Wednesday 28 June 2017 Ways of Machine Seeing 2017 was a two-day workshop organised by CoDE, the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network and Cambridge Big Data. The event revisited the 1972 BBC documentary series Ways of Seeing and explored its wide impact on both popular and academic views on the history of art and the production of images. The series presented a radical socio-economic understanding of western art history which was closer to the image itself than previous Marxist critics - helping spread the thinking of Walter Benjamin in the English-speaking world. The analysis offered by presenter John Berger and his collaborators in the documentary is founded on...

Crossing Roads

Crossing Roads
Crossing Roads Knowledge Exchange: Storytelling and Policing Human Trafficking Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 20th June 2017 Jointly hosted by PIER and StoryLab, this practitioner-focused workshop centred round the perilous crime of human trafficking, building awareness and recognition of its impact on victims and wider society. In 2016, 3,805 potential victims from 108 different countries of origin were referred into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). In reality, however, the extent of human trafficking in the UK is likely to be far greater than the NRM statistics would suggest. The Home Office has estimated in its Modern Slavery Strategy that there may be as many as 13,000 people held in slavery in the UK. The event featured a unique multi-screen installation produced by StoryLab giving audiences an...

CoDE Symposium: StoryLab

CoDE Symposium: StoryLab
CoDE Symposium: StoryLab Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Storytelling Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 6th June 2017 The symposium “Story Lab” was triggered cross-disciplinary conversations through creative storytelling. It was a day of exchanging ideas and planting seeds for future collaborative research and practice. The theme of the symposium explored how stories allow us to understand complex issues, develop empathy, establish common ground as well as elicit participation and understanding. The symposium discussed the conceptual form of storytelling itself and its broad range of applications, with no universal standard for implementation. Five sessions dedicated to different fields of inquiry included presentations by invited speakers, followed by the examination, discussion and showcasing of completed or in-progress research and practice. These featured interactive media, films, virtual reality, performance, music, dance,...

Test Tubes and YouTube

Test Tubes and Youtube
Test tubes and YouTube Communicating science through film @ Cambridge Science Festival Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 23 March 2017 Researchers from the Gurdon Institute, academics, students and graduates from the Cambridge School of Art and filmmakers from local creative agency brandAnonymous were joined by the public to discuss how film can create public engagement to promote scientific research. Our panellists introduced short excerpts from films they were involved in and shared what they learned during the production process. Responding to questions from the audience, they explained their respective standpoints and provided insights into scientific filmmaking. The screening and presentation was followed by an informal gathering of scientists, filmmakers, academics and students that offered time and opportunity to further discuss the engagement potential of film to the...
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